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Best in Show IS ABSOLUTELY the BEST!! (We have a pug and a bunch of cats). Our pug is very anxious around strangers, and has always been overly stressed and panicked when we return from trips. Knowing this, our pet sitter has been working with him to get him more comfortable around her. When we came home from our last trip our dog was so relaxed and mellow about our return – it was like we never left! It was an unbelievable transformation! We simply could not be more pleased. She is also very good with all the cats. We have a bunch of Himalayan, who are easily mistaken for one another, but she has taken the time to get to know each of them, and is able to tell them all apart, just like they were her very own!! We simply could not ask for a better pet sitter!! 

Lauren Gilvery

November 2, 2015

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