Daily Dog Walking & Potty Breaks


Daily Dog Walking

30 Minute Walk – $25.00

45 Minute Walk – $36.00

60 Minute Walk – $40.00

Our daily dog walking service may be just what you need if you work long hours or do not work not close to home.

Our daily dog walking service may be just what you need if your spouse/partner works erratic hours, which means some days there is someone home and some days there isn’t.

Our daily dog walking service may be just what you need if your dog is crated and needing a leg stretch, a potty break, and some backyard play in the middle of the day.

We’d love to help.

How will your pup benefit from a mid-day dog walking visit?


For puppies, daily mid-day visits help establish and maintain a housebreaking schedule. Proper house breaking requires a consistent schedule of bathroom breaks for your puppy. Crate trained puppies need to get out every 3 – 4 hours for proper training and socialization. Not only is your puppys’ schedule kept consistent, but he/she will also be socialized with someone other than the owner.

For adult dogs, regular exercise ensures good physical and mental health. Crated dogs are in particular need of a mid-day break. Over-crating and under exercising can result in a hyperactive, under-socialized dog who is harder to live with and train.


In addition to all-inclusive pet sits for our out of town pet parents, we offer private* DAILY MID-DAY DOG WALKING and Potty Break services. For those of you who may work longer hours than you like or would like to socialize after work without having to rush home first, our mid-day dog walking service may be just what you and your furry family member(s) need. 

No matter what life stage they are in, all pups benefit from this service, resulting in the quality of life we all wish for our babies.

Mid-day dog walks are our most popular service! Walks are private, 30 minutes in length, and may take place anytime between 11am and 3pm**. We also provide fresh water and treats after every walk.


*For the safety of your pets, our mid-day dog walking service is limited to a maximum of 2 dogs.


**Times for our dog walking clients remain flexible. Shift change at work? Need us to move your mid-day walk to an evening walk? No problem! Just let us know how we can make your life easier.

Potty Breaks

15 Minute Potty Break (No Walk) – $22.00

  • For clients with fenced in backyards only
  • Fresh water & treats
  • Belly rubs provided on demand.


Being in the pet services business myself, saying I’m extremely cautious about hiring a pet professional is an understatement. Hillary immediately put our minds at ease from the first communication. From our initial consultation to the moment we got home, Hillary from Best in Show was excellent! Our she spent the time bonding with our cranky kitty & showing him the attention he needed while we were gone. I very highly recommend Best In Show Pet Sitting & will be recommending it to our own clients! Thanks Hillary! 

Kristen Pinarchick

October 2, 2016

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