Overnight Care

Overnight Care

Overnight Stay – $90.00

If you’d like to give your pet that extra mile of care, use our overnight pet sitting service and have us cuddle up and sleep overnight with your pet! We won’t leave your pet’s side throughout the night and will give them the extra TLC they have become accustomed to with you. If your pet is used to sleeping in bed with you, who are we to disrupt their routine? Climb on up!

Pets placed in Kennels can experience quite a lot of stress due to:


  • Small, cramped cages
  • Loud, continuous barking
  • Exposure to illness
  • Constant commotion with numerous employees and upset pets
  • Only two to three short periods of outside time
  • Not enough one on one attention
  • An extra night stay due to limited pet pick up times
  • Additionally, most pets do not eat in kennels due to high levels of stress

Overnight pet sitting is great for puppies, late night barkers, crated dogs, older dogs that need extra late or extra early potty breaks, or any pet that needs more care at night. This visit provides your pet the added comfort of overnight companionship, as well as increases your home’s security. We typically spend a minimum of 9 consecutive hours with your pet. Arrival time varies, but is typically between 9:00PM and 10:00PM. Overnight pet sitting includes everything from the all-inclusive pet sitting package. While our overnight service does include care for the following morning, it does not include a midday or dinner visit. Those visits must be booked in addition to your overnight visit.

We have been delighted with the loving care Hillary provides for our seven kitties and their individual quirks. It was a real relief to meet a sitter who knows and understands cats. She lavishes attention on our spoiled beasts! We never worry when we go away because we know we’ll hear how our crew is doing and get pictures of their antics. You won’t find a better sitter for your babies.

Lila Forro

September 6, 2016

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