All-Inclusive Pet Sitting


All-Inclusive Pet Sitting

30 Minute Visit – $25.00

45 Minute Visit – $36.00

60 Minute Visit – $40.00

Quick visit for cats and small critters only* – $22.00


Pet Sitting visits are offered in varying increments of time. Based on the number of pets you have, their level of separation anxiety, the amount of daily exercise and playtime they require, choose the amount of time you think will be sufficient or “mix & match” them, creating the most optimized visit schedule for your pet(s)!

*Quick visits are for clients with 1 or 2 cats/small critters who are not social and do not require much human interaction. We will take care of feeding, water, and litter box scooping, and bringing in your mail. They do not include medication administration and/or watering plants.

Why all-inclusive?


  • We don’t believe you should have to pick & choose from an a la carte menu of services to get the quality service your pet(s) deserve.
  • We don’t believe you should have to pay extra for having multiple pets.
  • We don’t believe in “nickel & diming” for proper pet and home care.
  • We don’t believe you should need a degree in Advanced Calculus to figure out the cost of a visit.



  • We do believe that going above and beyond the leash and the litter box should be a standard operating procedure.
  • We do believe your pets should have it all, without compromise, and at a reasonable price.
  • We do believe hiring a professional pet sitter should be the easy, obvious choice for all pet parents.

Each 30, 45, and 60 minute pet sitting visit includes:


  • Feeding per instructions
  • Refreshing all water bowls
  • Administering medications, as needed
  • A nice walk for your pup
  • A good game of “catch the laser dot” for your kitty
  • Petting, cuddling, hugging, and tummy rubs
  • Cleaning up any pet messes
  • Scooping litter box
  • Changing cat litter, as needed
  • Feeding the fish
  • Cleaning small critter cages
  • Mail, newspaper, and package collection
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Taking garbage & recycling bins to the curb and back on garbage day
  • Light and blind rotation
  • Overall security check of the home
  • Daily videos or pictures of your pets can be sent via text to your phone.
  • Any special requests not included on this list.

Hillary and Best In Show Pet Sitting are AMAZING!! My husband and I have 6 cats and a small dog that needed to be cared for while we were out of town for a week. That’s a lot of critters that most companies would charge an arm and a leg to pet sit, and boarding would cost even more and result in a lot more stress for us and our pets. We did some research and decided to go with Best in Show based customer ratings, services offered and pricing, and we’re so glad we did! Hillary went above and beyond in absolutely every way, sending daily pictures and videos to ensure we knew our fur kids were being lovingly cared for while we were away, clearly spending AT LEAST the amount of time we paid for with our fur kids, she cleaned and tidied up daily, took our garbage to the curb on garbage day, dealt with breaker box issues that occurred while we were gone and left us with great treat samples for our pets and a thoughtful surprise when we arrived back home. We could not have asked for more! We highly recommend Best in Show and will absolutely be using them for our any of our pet sitting needs! 

Celeste Russell

November 4, 2016

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